Alec Emmons

Alec's principal creative agency is Nice Touch. His skills include: graphic design, branding, front-end programming (CSS, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, Blade, HTML, PHP, HAML), web design, print design, logo & typography, copywriting, presentation materials, consulting & business model development, infographics, jingle-writing, songwriting, arranging & composition, guitar & bass guitar performance, creative strategy, digital strategy, product design, UI/UX design, and responsive design.

Based in Los Angeles, Alec works with companies and founders, dredging ideas into tangible, marketable products. Understanding the nuanced interplay of engineering, design, and business objectives, he works as the lynchpin between sales & marketing, product development, and creative services & art direction. With experience at both the labor and the executive level of each discipline, he focuses on creating resource-sensitive initiatives to capture additional revenue by identifying and optimizing underperforming channels or conducting instrumental, tectonic shifts in product offering. He helps craft language, ideas, and visuals for investor decks, makes introductions to senior industry members, researches and creates materials for UI/UX, develops branding, logos and typography, and designs product roadmaps.

Over the years, he has held senior or lead product positions on projects garnering over 10BN user engagements and $10MM in revenue. While Creative Director at Hone: Interactive Quizzes & Questions, he worked with household brands such as General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo, T-Mobile, Experian and American Express in a leading creative capacity. This included interfacing with teams at both the agency and account level, then designing and building out interactive experiences from mockup to mass distribution at breakneck turnaround times. Productions took many forms, from embeddable to ad banner to wearable to wall projection and were distributed through O&O websites, third-party publishing channels, native advertising, display ad networks, social media and in person.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Alec is proficient in guitar and bass performance as well as arranging and composing music. Next year, you'll be able to enjoy his print designs as part of the opening ceremony of The Bachelor Winter Games, airing on ABC next February opposite the Winter Olympics.