Duran Goodyear

Duran Goodyear has been a leader in web application projects for 20 years.
Having been involved in projects for Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Revlon, Yale, UPenn, USFCA, IFAW and many other small, medium and large businesses and non profits ranging from local operations to national and international brand names you would recognize.

In his role as a technical lead, Duran has played a role in every part of web application development - from project discovery and scoping, project management, technical project management, development lead, development, system administration, training and long term support, Duran's 20 years of experience put him in an excellent position to not only build you a website, but to come in to the engagement fully prepared to research, plan and discover the full use case and business requirements of your project - so that in the end, you don't just have a new website, you have a new tool for your business needs that meets your current desires, and is built to support your future needs through out your on going operations.