Erica Lee

Erica brings 20 years of business strategy, public relations, marketing and journalism experience. She has worked in a wide range of industries including high tech, government, insurance, politics, non-profit and general consumer products. Focused on helping companies develop business strategies that grow revenues, Erica has implemented a variety of tactics from customer programs to partnership strategies to media launches. Working for companies around the globe, she specializes in business alignment, company and product messaging and positioning, marketing strategy, and Public Relations. For the last 13 years, as CEO of StrategicLee Inc., she has worked with a number of companies including, Alcatel-Lucent, Atelier US, The Demo Conferences, dotCloud, Fastly, Guidewire Group,, Idera, Marvell Semiconductor, NVIDIA, Objectivity/InfiniteGraph, Open Networking Summit, Pantheon, Rightware, SRI International, THECALLR and UBIFrance. A branding junkie, she is very interested in the effects of social media on personal and business brands and has given talks on the subject for Stanford University, the German American Business Association, the French Chamber of Commerce and others. She has served as a startup mentor for Spark Labs, the Chamber's Business Booster and Guidewire Group's Studio G. 

Prior to founding StrategicLee, Erica has held marketing and PR positions with Blanc & Otus Public Relations, FOX Sports, Neale-May & Partners, The New York Public Library and Prudential Health Insurance of America. She was a journalist at award-winning City on a Hill Press and at talk show host at NPR affiliate KZSC. Erica holds bachelor's degrees in Politics and Journalism from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

An avid soccer fan, Erica tries to escape to see a professional match as often as she can. You can always find her at World Cup.