James Murphy

James helps empower entrepreneurs through the power of technology and human connections. As a Founding Partner with Proton Enterprises, he focuses on the health & fitness and financial technology sectors. 

James works in health & fitness centers around business management for trusted influencers and growth partnerships with brands. Perhaps most notably is his work with Dr. Perlmutter, a neurologist with four New York Times bestselling books (including Grain Brain), a platform reaching 5MM people per month and the #1 probiotics brand in health-food stores. 

James has been actively involved with SMB marketplace funding platforms in helping overlooked businesses find funding. In addition, he holds active series 7 and 63 FINRA licenses with Singular-Global, helping extraordinary alternative asset managers raise capital.

For several years, James worked in Haiti and Mexico to bring a venture approach to working with developing market entrepreneurs. He is passionate about the power of entrepreneurship to drive meaningful change in the fight for a better world. 

James is a graduate of Yale University and enjoys spearfishing, skiing, and weekend construction projects.