Maggie Taurick

Maggie is a multidisciplinary designer from the United States. She has small town Midwestern roots but moved to the West Coast after earning a degree in Graphic and Interactive Communications from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2008. She has experience working at both design agencies and in-house design teams, and now spends her time between Northern California and traveling the world, while working as a freelance designer.

Her experience working with large global brands, as well as small design studios and start-ups, has allowed her to develop a flexible and intuitive design process. She firmly believes in taking a unique and thoughtful approach to each project, rather than having a strong personal style. When beginning a project, her intent is to approach it without any expectations or pre-conceptions — truly being open when learning about the client’s vision and asking the right questions in order to get to the essence of the project, then allowing that essence to come through clearly in the design concepts.  

When not obsessing over typography, Maggie spends her time exploring her surroundings, watching or playing live music, doing yoga, eating good food with good company, and being outdoors (preferably when sunshine, mountains, and bodies of water are involved). You can see some samples of her work here and get in touch at